Spearhead Shaving Company is proud to manufacture unique products for traditional wet shaving.  We revived the Seaforth! brand of wet shaving products from the 1940's.  We also manufacture the Spearhead Safety Razor Case - a modern reproduction of the 1918 Gillette Khaki Set.

Seaforth! was a popular brand of aftershave, shaving soap and other men's toiletries in the 1940's and 50's.  The brand was known for its distinctive packaging and a spirit of energy and adventure.  Seaforth! was a direct competitor to a popular "spice" brand and there is a very good chance your grandfather used it.  The original brand went defunct in the 1980's and we are proud to being back the spirit of the Seaforth! brand with new vintage-inspired scents developed by a renowned perfumer.

The "Gillette Khaki Set" was issued to soldiers during WWI. The Spearhead Case preserves the brilliant design and contours of the Khaki Set while upgrading the case with modern Mil-Spec materials.  The cases are manufactured in the USA to preserve the legacy of the Khaki Set.

Spearhead Shaving Company includes me, my wife and my two young daughters.  I consider my wife to be our Chief Aesthetics Officer.  She makes sure everything looks nice and she helps rein me in when my ideas go too far off the rails.  My daughters want to pack and ship every order, but if I left them to their own devices there would be a glitter painting and a piece of candy in every package.  

We are proud to produce quality products and stand behind them with honesty and integrity.  If you have an issue with any Spearhead product please contact me and I'll do my best to make it right.

Thank you for visiting my store. I hope you like what you see and I welcome you to contact me at dennis@spearheadshaving.com with any questions.


US orders are shipped via USPS - either First Class or Priority depending upon weight.  Customers are charged based on the weight of the shipment.  Shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

Canadian orders ship via USPS (first class or priority).  The customer is responsible for actual shipping charges (calculated at checkout).

Currently Spearhead Shaving Company only ships to the United States and Canada.  We hope to add other international shipping destinations in the future.  We invite international customers to visit Maggard Razors or The Razor Company to purchase Spearhead products with international shipping.

Most orders ship out within one day but periodically orders may take 3-5 days to ship due to travel schedules.