Shave Notes - Wet Shaving Journal (Single)

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A small and artful journal for traditional wet shaving.  Shave Notes is a pocket-sized “Shave of the Day” journal featuring patent art from the golden era of wet shaving innovation.

Each Shave Notes notebook records a full month of daily shaving.  Each right-hand page contains a custom template to record the date, tools, products and notes for each daily shave in a convenient and organized format.

The left-hand pages celebrate the history of wet shaving with an original patent drawing from the early 20th century.  The drawings have been remastered and enhanced from the historical records to give a clear view into the inventor’s original design.  Many of the featured designs have stood the test of time and continue to influence the wet shaving market.

Shave Notes measures 3.5” x 5” making it convenient for daily note-taking and small enough to slip into a toiletry bag for travel.  The books are proudly made in the USA - designed in Ohio and printed in Oregon using recycled paper from domestic mills. 

Shave Notes is perfect for novice and experienced wet shavers alike.  New wet shavers will improve their technique faster by tracking their experience, making Shave Notes an excellent addition to a wet shaving starter set.  Wet shaving hobbyists will appreciate documenting their experience and reactions to new products and fragrances.  The traditional practice of hand-writing adds to the overall shave experience while the artwork captures the timeless nature of traditional wet shaving.