Update on Sea Spice Lime Availability - May 23, 2021

We've been blown away by the response to Sea Spice Lime and we're so appreciative for the orders, comments and reviews.  We're starting to see stock-outs on our site and others so I wanted to give an update on availability and where to find Sea Spice Lime.

Production Update:  We've sold out of EdT and Aftershave Toner, but more are on the way.  I'm making more soap and toner today and hope to have another small run of EdT ready in a few weeks.  We have had some unexpected delays in raw materials and labels but that should be resolved shortly.

Retailers:  In addition to the Spearhead Shaving store, our Soaps and Aftershave Toners are available at Maggard Razors, West Coast Shaving, The Razor Company, Top of the Chain (Canada), The Shave Mercantile, Pasteur Pharmacy and Pomades & Shaving (Mexico).  We're working on restocking items that have sold out.

Samples:  I've gotten a lot of questions about samples.  Yes, samples will be available for SSL but I'm not sure when.  All of our time and efforts are tied up with making production products so we'll work on samples as soon as time allows.  

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this release.  And a special thanks to Shawn Maher for developing an outstanding citrus scent!