Thank You from the Spearhead Family

When I was young I remember my dad spending hours writing Thanksgiving cards to his customers. Thanksgiving cards weren’t common so I asked him why...

“Nobody has to buy from us” was what he said. “They are making a choice, and that choice is what keeps us in business.”

It wasn’t until adulthood that I appreciated the wisdom in that sentiment.

We know that nobody has to buy small-batch artisan products. The fact that you do (and from our store!) is an honor that is hard to put into words.

Your support fills up our evenings and weekends with work we can be proud of. You give me the gift of Saturdays with my dad and father-in-law making soap and weeknights with my wife and daughters making aftershave.

Thank you for supporting us as we grow, experiment, and develop new scents and products. I hope we are doing our part to be good stewards of the wet shaving tradition.

We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.

Best regards,

Dennis & Family