Spearhead Experimental Soap Project

Spearhead Experimental Soap Project

Experimental Shave Soap

I am excited to share details about Experimental - a shave soap project from Spearhead Shaving Company.  This is a limited-time / limited-limited scope project to improve the performance of shave soap.  Best of all, these shaving soaps are available at a significant discount: up to 50% less than current artisan shave soap prices.  

What's Experimental About the Soap?

All Experimental soaps are high-performers, otherwise they don't make the cut.  And at around $8.99 they are punching WELL above their weight class.  

It's the fine-tuning that provides infinite variables.  Different fats and butters, ratios of ingredients, humectants, and processes all impact performance.  

So every micro-batch (5-10 soaps) of Experimental will have something different about it (i.e. cupuacu butter has replaced lanolin or the glycerin content has increased).  But you can always expect a high-performing soap that you will enjoy using.  

Pricing & Availability

By definition there are many unknowns about buying an experimental soap, so the soaps are priced accordingly: around $8.99 for a 4oz. tub.  The pricing may change based on the cost of raw materials but it will always be an extremely good value for a handcrafted soap with high-end ingredients.  

The soaps will be listed for sale at SpearheadShaving.com after they are made, cured, and finished testing.  Batch sizes are very small (5-10 soaps) and releases will be periodic (every 1-2 weeks).

Why Choose this Model?

Spearhead Shaving Company is my hobby, but it has to be a self-sustaining hobby.  I'm not ready to settle on "my" soap base when there are so many variables yet to try.  I'm enjoying the tinkering.  This model allows me to continue experimenting while putting the resulting soaps to good use.  

Thanks for looking at my line of shaving soaps.  I hope you'll consider picking one up - not just because its a steal but because it's a great soap that I'm proud to share with my fellow wet shavers and hobbyists.