Sea Spice Lime - Splash vs Toner?

Sea Spice Lime - Splash vs Toner?

Since the release of Sea Spice Lime in 2021 we have had a lot of requests for a traditional alcohol-based aftershave splash.  I made a couple very small runs of it - mostly for my barber who uses it in the shop and for the annual Ohio Wet Shaver's Meetup, who included it in their swag bags.  

I'm excited to say that Sea Spice Lime Aftershave Splash is now a permanent part of the Seaforth lineup!

But we sometimes get the question - what's the difference between a "splash" and a "toner"?  

The simple answer is that aftershave splash is alcohol based and aftershave toner is witch hazel based.  

Alcohol-based splash is a traditional barbering product.  The alcohol cleans the freshly shaved skin, and since alcohol is an astringent it tones (tightens) the skin.  In modern artisan shaving products the alcohol serves as the best medium for carrying the scent to the nose without altering the intended scent notes.

Witch Hazel toner is a natural plant based astringent that tones (tightens) the skin especially well.  Since it is water based it does not dry the skin as much as alcohol (we use 100% alcohol-free witch hazel).  But witch hazel imparts an earthy/woody note to the scent that disappears after a minute.  

Traditionalists will almost always gravitate toward alcohol based splashes for the reasons mentioned above.  But we have always made witch-hazel based toner for those who prefer avoiding alcohol in their products.  Regardless of which you choose we always recommend using a quality balm to keep your skin moisturized - it's just a good practice all around!

Which do we recommend?  Probably the alcohol based splash to start.  It gives the truest version of the intended scent.  We use a lower alcohol concentration to maximize the benefits and minimize the drying effect.  But if you decide that traditional aftershave splash is not for you we still have you covered with our witch hazel based toner.