Sea Spice Lime - Coming Soon

Sea Spice Lime - Coming Soon

By 1966 Seaforth! enjoyed nearly 3 decades of success with their Heather and Spiced scents.  They hadn't strayed far from these fragrances, instead opting to add ancillary products like deodorant and brushless cream to their lineup.

As the earliest Seaforth users neared retirement age a younger generation became a key demographic.  The tastes of the new consumers were less rigid and traditional than their fathers.  The market was ready for a departure from the heady scents of the 40s and 50s.  

In 1966 Seaforth launched Sea Spice Lime to adapt to the changing times.  The scent was lighter and more vibrant than the earlier offerings.  It leaned on the uplifting scent of lime for a more leisurely and carefree appeal.

We are excited to create our re-imagination of Sea Spice Lime.  Like the other Seaforth scents, this one was developed by perfumer Shawn Maher.  The scent is both hearty and utterly refreshing.  A juicy lime accord is at the heart of the fragrance with the froth of waves crashing over the deck providing a salty ocean and cedarwood undertone.  Coriander, pink pepper and a touch of west indies bay provide a spice melange that gives some brawn to a new modern classic.  

I'm very excited to add Sea Spice Lime to the lineup.  It's a perfect warm weather scent with enough character to be memorable and interesting.  The scent will be available in shaving soap and alcohol-free toner (and maybe a couple of EDTs)

Release date is TBD (still waiting on my labels) but I expect a mid-May launch.