Out of the workshop & Fleur de France update

Summer can get busy, so I wanted to give a quick update about some upcoming travel and what we’re planning when we return. 

Our “third daughter”, Sophie, is getting married in Germany this week and we’re excited to be traveling to the wedding.  Sophie was the first of two exchange students we hosted.  It’s wild to have watched her grow from a 15 year old kid to a 26 year old woman who is ready to tie the knot.

The store will be open as normal. We have some help with shipping so everything will ship as usual (typically within 24 hours).  But I will be a little less available to answer questions or respond to messages.  I will respond…but please forgive me if there’s a delay.  

I am also excited to share some exciting things when we return.  A wet shaver who happens to be a chemical engineer reached out to me when we launched the Fleur de France shaving soap.  He was disappointed FdF didn't have aftershave and EdT and offered to help troubleshoot some of the quirks we were experiencing.

We worked out the formulation bugs when using liquid bases. It’s turns out FdF likes alcohol as a base more than it likes Witch Hazel. I’ve typically steered clear of alcohol splash, but FdF made the decision for me. The scent is way too good for summer to miss having a splash and EDT. 

Alcohol splash, EDT and bath soap will be available in mid July - shortly after we return from our travel. We also have some exciting things in the works for this fall. 

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend (for those in the US). We look forward to diving back in when we return!

-Dennis & Family