Coming Soon: New Scent in a New Base

Coming Soon: New Scent in a New Base

Shortly after we launched Seaforth Heather and Spiced, work began on a special scent from the Seaforth universe - Black Watch.  It has taken some time to bring Black Watch to life (almost 2 years!) but we're getting close to the finish line.  

Black Watch was a special chapter in the Seaforth story.  It had lofty ambitions to take the brand in an upscale direction.  It was a more sophisticated scent, suited for day or night, and there was a strong emphasis on the Cologne version rather than simply Aftershave.  

To keep the brand exclusive, Black Watch was only sold in luxury stores.  It dropped the Seaforth name from the packaging so "Black Watch" could develop into a standalone brand.  

"Black Watch has that look of quality everyone instantly recognizes.  With a refreshing "feel" and subtle fragrance that immediately speaks culture, distinction, and worldliness.  Look no further...there just isn't anything finer!"

Special Shaving Soap Base

To honor Black Watch's unique place in Seaforth history we are releasing its own shaving soap base. 

The Highland soap base is uniquely creamy, luxurious and slick.  It is easy to lather but can hold tremendous amounts of water without breaking down.  The soap maintains outstanding residual slickness with a splash of water.  At the request of those with a lanolin sensitivity, lanolin has been omitted from the formula.  

Release Date

Black Watch will release on Tuesday October 4, 2022 at noon (eastern).  It will be available in EdT, Shaving Soap, Aftershave Splash (alcohol), Aftershave Toner (alcohol-free) and Bath Soap.  

For the Curious...

Vintage Black Watch never achieved the level of commercial success that Seaforth wanted, partly due to mismanagement of the brand.  Seaforth had an excellent reputation, but dropping the name from the branding didn't allow Black Watch to capitalize on the recognition.  

Secondly, there was a lot of change happening at the company.  Seaforth had been acquired and the sales team was merged with a sister company.  Black Watch was Seaforth's product, but suffered from a lack of focus and identity.  It was later rebranded, but never established a strong following.  

Finally, the vintage scent missed the mark - even for the 1950s.  A "woods" Seaforth scent could have been a clear success.  But Black Watch leaned so heavily on anise that it missed the mark on its potential for timelessness.

Our interpretation captures more of the subtlety that Black Watch lacked.  Anise is gone completely.  Instead, the jasmine, plum and incense notes work well with the leather and woods to create a timeless and refined scent.  

Final note:  the name Black Watch comes from the Black Watch regiment of the Seaforth Highlanders, Seaforth's namesake.