Black Friday Deals

Black Friday sales seem to be starting earlier these days but we have a traditionalist streak when it comes to the post-Thanksgiving custom.  We're waiting until Friday proper to start the sale but we think it will be worth the wait.  Here are our specials for Black Friday (midnight) though the end of Cyber Monday:

  • 20% off everything.  No promo code needed - discounts will be applied automatically at checkout (excludes gift cards).  All shaving soaps, toners, EdT, bath soaps and razor cases are included in the sale.

  • New release bath soaps.  Our first full run of bath soaps has been slow curing for 6 weeks and it's ready for primetime.  Heather, Spiced and Sea Spice Lime releases are all included in the 20% off sale!

  • Free Shave Notes shave-of-the-day journal with any purchase.  The holidays are about tradition - spend December using a pen and paper like we did before phones were ubiquitous.  Journaling by hand is therapeutic, good for memory, and surprisingly satisfying!

We wish everyone a great Thanksgiving and happy holidays!  We hope our traditional products can play a small part in the joy of the season.  

- Dennis