Alcohol, Coozies & Limes

Alcohol, Coozies & Limes

TLDR: We have a very small run of Seaforth! Heather alcohol splash and EDT (packaged in coozies because disposable packaging is wasteful), and a lighter scent for summer is in the works

Alcohol Splash & EDT

We’ve been reluctant to work with alcohol for a few reasons - Covid made it hard to get, it’s drying, and it’s a pain to ship. With the rush on hand sanitizer behind us alcohol is a little easier to get, so we’ve made a very limited run of alcohol-based splash and EDT.

The splash is a hybrid alcohol/witch hazel tonic with aloe and glycerin to counteract the drying effect of the alcohol. The scent strength is identical to that of our water-based toner. I have not decided if alcohol-based products will be a permanent addition to our lineup. This short run is designed to help us learn a few things (use the same bottles or something new? ship UPS or stick with USPS? etc.)

The EDT is the truest representation of the Heather scent. It is a relatively strong concentration (pushing into EDP territory) that allows the scent notes to shine on their own without being hindered by the rough environment of soap or the distinctive scent of witch hazel.


A Seaforth coozie comes free with each splash and EDT. The rationale is simple - I could have spent money on printed boxes that will be thrown away (adding over $2 to the cost of each bottle) or use a functional coozie instead. I went with the latter and glad I did. They turned out great and give better protection to the bottle than a cardboard box.


Summer is coming soon. Even though Heather and Spiced are 4-season scents, they don’t necessarily have a summertime vibe to them. We’re in the process of changing that with a lighter, brighter scent based on Seaforth! Sea Spice Lime. Sea Spice Lime was Seaforth’s third release, first hitting the market in 1968. It was a departure from the heavier scents of the 1940’s, instead evoking images of carefree days in the Caribbean sunshine.

As always, this scent will draw inspiration from the classic with modern touches to bring it into the 21st century. I look forward to sharing more details soon!