Spearhead Case and Parker Safety Razor Gift Set

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Safety razor sets have made thoughtful and timeless gifts for over a century.  Millions of “Khaki Set” safety razor kits were given as gifts during WWI and WWII.  The Spearhead Safety Razor Set is inspired by the original 1918 Khaki Set. It includes an American-made Spearhead Case, Parker 91r safety razor and 5 premium blades.  

The Spearhead Set is a unique and interesting gift for any occasion.  The historical background for this handmade case adds character while the razor is a practical gift that will be used on a daily basis.

Note: this listing is for a gift set (Spearhead Case, Parker razor and 5 blades).  


Inspired by History - The Spearhead Case is inspired by the original “Khaki Set”, which served the shaving needs of millions of soldiers during WWI and WWII.  The shape, size and contours of the Spearhead Case closely match the original 1918 single-snap Khaki Set, while the case has been upgraded to modern Mil-Spec materials.

Built to Last - The Spearhead Case is made from durable 500D nylon - the gold standard in wear resistance.  The case is resistant to abrasion, water damage, shrinking and staining. The double-layer nylon fabric is die-cut for precision before being sewn together and bound with durable nylon border.  Heavy-duty elastic straps are added to hold three-piece razors of nearly any size.  

Made in the USA - Everything in the Spearhead Case is “Made in the USA”, from the fabric and thread to the cutting and sewing.  Each case is carefully stitched by a team of talented professionals who manufacture nylon cases for the U.S. Military.  


Parker has been one of the most recognized and respected safety razor manufacturers for over 40 years.  The 91r is Parker’s best-selling model and it is an excellent razor for new and experienced wet shavers alike.

This razor was specifically selected for its weight, size and comfort.  The long handle, balanced weight and deep knurling gives comfort and control - even for large and wet hands.  New safety razor users will appreciate the size and grip of the 91r’s handle, as it won’t slip in wet hands like smooth chrome razors.  

The head of the 91r razor gives a balanced combination of comfort and performance.  It is mild enough to provide a comfortable shave but aggressive enough to handle coarse beard hair or several days of growth.  

* Spearhead Case is 100% made in USA.  Parker razor and blades are imported