Seaforth! Fleur de France Bath Soap

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Our bath soap is made by hand in small batches using the traditional cold process method. The main ingredient is Olive Oil (similar to Spanish Castile and French Marseille soap - renowned for centuries for mildness & nourishing properties). We slow-cure each bar, resulting in a firm soap with rich lather and prominent Fleur de France scent.

Seaforth embraced a change in direction following the success of Sea Spice Lime in the 1960s.  Instead of developing new products like soaps and creams, the brand focused on creating new scents.  In just 3 years Seaforth launched more new scents than they had in the previous 30 years combined.  

1968’s Four Nations Collection was an ambitious effort to introduce new Seaforth fragrances to the market.  Four Nations was sold as a set of four aftershaves - one bottle of Heather and three brand new scents.  

Fleur de France is our first reinterpretation from the Four Nations collection.  The scent for Fleur de France was developed by Shawn Maher of Chatillon Lux and Maher Olfactive.  

Perfumer’s note:  In rethinking the classic French barbershop scent through a modern lens, Fleur de France takes a classic set of notes and restructures each one while omitting some of the more powdery elements that can make it feed dated. It opens with a citron and rosemary duo, giving way to an airy, fruity jasmine that gives levity to the citron, while the cool, lemony spice of geranium adds a sparkle. It's all grounded by a classic combination of lavender, tonka bean, oakmoss and musk that evokes memories without getting stuck in the past.

Scent notes include: Geranium, Citron, Rosemary, Jasmine, Lavender, Coumarin, Oakmoss & White Musk

Net Weight: 4.25oz